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Easy Food Photography Tips for the New Blogger

12 Jun

Easy Food Photography Tips: Example Included!

Whew! It has been almost three years since I started food blogging. I have to say that the quality of my photos, a very essential component of being a foodie journalist, have gotten better.

So here’s some advice for some new bloggers out there: in addition to creating mouth-watering recipes, take some awesome pictures that do your creations justice. How? Well, there’s no better way to learn than to learn by example!

Shown above is a picture generously donated to ChrysN over at Instructables. And here are some of my thoughts on the photo.

Thoughts on photo:

  • I was a bit surprised why this photo wasn’t the title picture of the instructable (which was the close up of just the cookies). I really like the compositions more in this photo and here’s why
    • I like that you can see more of the mug in this photo. It gives it more of a “lived in” feel, which is important when photographing food.
    • This shot allows you to see more of the cookies and doesn’t have a sense of overcrowding.
    • It layers the textures and colors better than the other photo as well.
  • The set up of the cookies is appealing to eye as well. If you pay attention, the placement of the tree makes the onlooker focus on that. The tree also helps guide the onlooker’s eyes to the star. That is good because it pulls the reader in by focusing on the more “unique shapes.”

Photo Editing and Other Ways:

  • I would add some color to this photo. There’s a lot of browns and neutrals that can seem dull. ChrysN did a nice job of having different shades of brown though. I would add a colored cloth napkin somewhere to give it some color.
  • As for photo editing, this photo is great as is. I might increase the color temperature (think yellow light bulb vs white light bulb) a bit for the more home-y feel. The lighting is great in this picture and the shadows are almost nonexistent (which is good as well).

Main Idea:

Add some color to give your photo some life and pay attention to layering different colors and textures. And great lighting makes great photos.

Have an idea of how to start now? Awesome! And welcome to the food blogging world!

Click here for a quick summary of five of my food photography tips.



An Interview with The Moonlight Baker

25 Dec

Now as you all know, I’ve been in the “food blogging world” for a little over a month. I’ve talked to many other more experienced bloggers and here’s what Kim, from The Moonlight Baker, had to say. (Thanks Kim for answering all these questions!)

Name: Kim (a.k.a. The Moonlight Baker)

Blog URL : www.themoonlightbaker.wordpress.com

Additional info:

1. When did you start blogging about food?

I started food blogging in July 2010, though I didn’t officially launch my blog until September.  I spent a good portion of the summer designing the site, coming up with recipes, and basically learning the ropes.

2. What was your inspiration? Was it just a share-recipes-with friends sort of thing or a I-want-to-show-the-world idea?

My initial inspiration was Joy the Baker.  I had just baked a root beer cake (without a recipe) . . . not the best idea.  I Googled similar recipes and found Joy’s blog.  I thought the whole concept of an online recipe/ life journal was awesome.

3. What was one of the first things you remember when you first started blogging? Your first comment, subscriber, etc.?

The first major moment of my blogging career was the first post I had published on TasteSpotting.  That day when I logged onto WordPress and saw the graph of my site stats, I was shocked and elated.  It was definitely a victory after having countless pictures rejected by TasteSpotting before.

4. What’s your favorite recipe you’ve posted?

My favorite recipe . . . hmm, that’s a toughie.  Can I give you 3 instead?  I’d have to go with: Apple Cider Bundt with Cream Cheese Frosting, Mexican Hot Chocolate Bark, and Vanilla Bean Semifreddo with Fresh Raspberry Sauce.

5. What’s the ingredient you use the most and what’s your favorite dish you made with it?

My favorite/ most used ingredient is definitely chocolate.  And again, I’d have to go with that Mexican Hot Chocolate Bark.  So addictive!

6. If you were to start the experience all over again, what would you change?

I would exercise more!

7. How to you connect with your readers?

I try to be as genuine as possible in my posts, and I feel like that is the best way to connect with readers.  Really delicious-looking pictures certainly help, too!

8. What do you think is the strongest part of your blog?

I think the strongest part is the collection of recipes.  I post recipes that I’ve really enjoyed and am really proud of.  I hope that those who try the recipes feel the same way.

9. And finally, what are some tips you would offer to a new food blogger?

Make sure your blog has a unique voice – your voice.  And most importantly, have fun!  (And exercise!)