Jen7714 is published!

15 Jun

Jen7714 is published!

How exciting for me! A little more than a year ago, an editor approached about using my “How to Make Your Own Screen Protector (for less than a nickel)” in a new book.  Of course I said yes! It turns out that she was the editor for a book for Popular Science Magazine,  THE insight for the newest technology and gadgetry! With articles and photos ranging from up-to-date technology, the most recent scientific breakthroughs, and home improvement projects to just the all-inclusive life improvement hacks, Popular Science is one the best sources. In other words, this magazine reports the future before the future happens (magic!). In other other words, I was ecstatic that I could be apart of this amazing book.

Titled The Big Book of Hacks, this page turner holds 264 DIY projects, all of which are simply amazing! It really is awesome to see how innovative and genius those other authors are. I received a copy directly from the editor’s stock, and I definitely want to try some of these life hacks out.

Number one on the (wishful) to-do list? I’m still trying to figure out how this innovator turned his old laptop into a tablet! Anyways, check this book out at your local bookstore! Can you find out how to make a screen protector for less than a nickel? 


2 Responses to “Jen7714 is published!”

  1. Er? March 6, 2017 at 8:30 pm #

    I read that article. My local store doesn’t know anything about fabric, even though they gave a section!
    Can you link me the right kind of vinyl on Walmart or Amazon? Like an example?

    Also, with vinyl, what’s better! Higher or lower gauge?

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