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CHOW/Instructables Contest Winners Announced!

6 Dec

I entered my Pumpkin Pie Eclairs Instructable in the CHOW/Instructables Contest. The winners were announced today and I won! I won the award for “Best recipe.” Great job to all the other instructables! The instructable that won “Best photo” is here. Here is a link on the CHOW.com website announcing the winners. Thank you to those who voted! Be sure to check out the winning recipe and try it out yourself!


Pumpkin Pie Eclairs

6 Dec

I just realized that I haven’t posted any actual recipes on my blog! Well I better start adding some then. The story behind this recipe is that I wanted to make some that really impresses people. Something that really has the “wow” factor. Something like…Eclairs! More specifically Pumpkin Pie Eclairs.

Éclairs are a great classical and traditional (not to mention delicious) dessert. Since fall is already here (with winter on its tails) , I decided to jazz up the classic éclair with some fun fall flavors before its too late. I got a fantastic pate a choux recipe (the dough for the eclairs) and to put a twist on things, I added some delicious pumpkin pie. Pumpkin Pie Eclairs are the perfect light dessert after your holiday meal.

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Going pro!

25 Nov

No I’m not deciding to become a professional chef but I did decide to read like one. I went to Borders the other day and bought The Professional Chef. It’s the ultimate cookbook and it’s from the Culinary Institute of America! There are so many recipes to try, I can’t wait.

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