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The New Craze: The Cronut

2 Jun

Hey everyone!

So we all know food fads are always coming and going, usually faster than we can follow them. Some have a long shelf-life, such as the classic cupcake. Some are crazy and unique (the gummy glasses fit into this category 🙂 Others are just amazingly innovative that blog posts should be dedicated to them, such as the new craze, the cronut. 

For those of you who do not know what a cronut is (and don’t worry I didn’t either), it is essentially a perfect combo of a croissant and a doughnut. Going into more mouth watering detail, the unique dough of croissants is formed into the known shape of a dougnut and then fried. Sweet pastry cream is then squeezed so it oozes between the layers of the croissant dough. Sounds good doughnut it? (Get it? Doesn’t it…doughnut it. Alright 🙂 


However, these little desserts are in HOT demand right now. Recent reports have said that on the black food market (sounds appetizing, no?) cronuts go for $40! At Dominque Ansel’s Bakery in NYC (the originator of the cronut), the line goes for seemingly miles and the bakery runs out sufficiently quickly. 

Come on Mr. Hansel, send one over to this dessert-loving food blogger?

Are you ready to check out the innovative new food fad for yourself at Dominque Ansel Bakery (if you can outlast those lines!)?