Me as a One Month Old Food Blogger

12 Dec

It’s an anniversary! As of today, it has been one month since I posted my “Hello World” post. Whew time goes by so fast. I do have to say I do feel like I improved as a blogger (hope you feel the same 🙂 I learned all about food photography, getting traffic, networking, and the outright friendliness of the food blogging community. Now I don’t as near as much experience as some of the food bloggers out there that have been posting for years but this entire experience has been great. Now to share the (few) tips I’ve gathered from others and trial and error.

  1. Have a voice! I read my posts over and I feel like I try to convey my message as a friend to my viewers. I (hope) I sound like I’m right there talking to you and sharing recipes.
  2. Don’t be afraid to network a bit. No one likes spam. But I’ve emailed other bloggers who have given me great advice and awesome encouragement. It makes you feel connected to the food blogging community and makes blogging a whole lot more fun.
  3. Get a good camera! There are so many food photography sites out there that help us bloggers specifically on improving our photos so our lovely viewers get a “visual” taste of our creations.
  4. Emailing bloggers are great for networking but there are other great sites for it too. Foodbuzz, foodgawker, tastespotting, tastestopping, and dessertstalking are some but there are so many out there! Explore.
  5. Last but certainly not least, have fun! I love discovering new blogs and looking at all their yummy dishes and saying “I want to try that” It’s amazing what you can do.

Well that’s all I’ve got for you today. I do have some recipes to look forward to.

  • How to Make a Sandwich: Do you really know how to make a sandwich from scratch? 😉 Think about it and let me know what you think the recipe(s) are in the comments.

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