Food Blog Hunt

8 Dec

Whew I’m taking a break from a recipe posting marathon to keep you guys updated on what I’m doing while not in my kitchen (ironically my laptop is currently on the kitchen table).

First, I have some fast and simple recipes that you can decorate to your heart’s desire. It will make you burst with excitement 😉

So as you know, I’m fairly new at blogging. I have looked at other food blogs which are amazing to gain some tips that could help me out on this blog. Now through my “intensive” 🙂 research, I have come to one conclusion:

There are a LOT of food blogs.

And when I mean a lot, I mean a LOT. About 504,000,000 results according to Google. After discovering that, I said to myself, “How am I going to narrow that down?”

And that was the beginning of my search of the best food blogs on the web. And boy was that an adventure.

I found a recipe for dulce de leche which sounds wonderfully delicious paired with these. I also found some creative “cupcakes” which look so cute and lovely to serve at parties. A cake recipe to make them with? Well here’s one. And another. And another.

I can go on and on but I’ll leave it here for now. I will post some recipes myself soon but will leave you with this smorgasbord of wonderful desserts.



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