Ready for Thanksgiving?

20 Nov

Ahhh I feel my refrigerator’s pain! We bought our turkey today at a discounted price (buy a certain dollar amount and get your turkey for less than $.50 a pound). I have to say we got a pretty heavy one. This Thanksgiving is sure to give my kitchen a workout. We’ve haven’t finalized a menu yet but I have some ideas. I mean who doesn’t love pumpkin pie?

Yesterday, I bought some Ghirardelli’s Baking Bars at a wholesale store for a fraction of the regular price. What a bargain! So today I decided to use some at last. The special recipe that used these precious chocolate? Truffles of course. I have to admit since it was my first time trying to make truffles, I did struggle. However, you know what they say- learn from your mistakes. I’ve gathered all the information and tips I learned and made a top ten list for you (remember to say where you got your tips from 😉

Sorry this picture is such bad quality. I will fix it soon.

  1. Remember truffles are made with hard ganache. Hard ganache is 2 part chocolate and 1 part heavy cream. Too much heavy cream will make your ganache too soft.
  2. When melting chocolate, make sure to use a water bath if you can. If not, stir the mixture so the chocolate doesn’t burn.
  3. If you have to leave melted chocolate without using it for a while (1/2 hour or longer), get another bowl and add warm water to it. Put the bowl with the melted chocolate into the warm water to keep the chocolate melted.
  4. The ganache should be smooth when making truffles.
  5. If you are not making a hard outer chocolate shell, you can sprinkle on cocoa powder or any nuts or crumbs.
  6. When making a hard outer shell, experiment with different colors and be creative.
  7. Do not make a hard outer shell on a truffle that has already been covered with cocoa powder or crumbs.
  8. It is okay to substitute evaporated or sweetened condensed milk for the heavy cream.
  9. Cocoa powder and heavy cream can also be combined to make truffles.
  10. A fast and easy truffle can be made in the microwave.

I hope this helps any potential truffle-makers. Who knows, maybe you’re the next Willy Wonka.



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