Cinnamon Rolls for Thanksgiving?

20 Nov

Hello again! I feel like I haven’t posted in so long.

Hot Topics for this post:

  • I am very near in reaching the end of my first three-month pro membership at Instructables! I feel like I have been on the site for so long but it’s only 3 months? I still remember posting my first instructable… check it out here.
  • Just yesterday I made some delicious cinnamon rolls. I had a entire tub of sour cream left so I decided to use it before it expires. I altered a recipe I found online that called for sour cream. I have some wonderfully good-looking pictures of these rolls later in this post. You can also check out the pictures here.

  • What’s next? I’m thinking of making some truffles and experimenting on different flavors and moving away from the typical hard ganache filling.
  • I have been using fireworks to create many designs and logos I plan on using. However, my trial period ends in 8 days so I will have to decide whether or not to buy a full version. Need a design? Email me within the next 8 days 😉
  • Anyone suggest any cool color schemes or logos for “jen7714”? I certainly have some ideas. Check them out later in the post.
  • I’ve been researching on selling baked goods online at Etsy. I found a lot of interesting information on requirements for your kitchen, licenses, and liability. Now, I’m second-guessing my decision.

As promised here are some pictures of those yummy cinnamon rolls.


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